Performance Dates (2014)

July 24th, 25th - Copacabana

July 26th - Grimsby Festival on the 40 (3:30pm-4:15pm)

July 26th - Copacabana

(July 27th w LMT)- Copacabana

(July 31st w LMT) - Copacabana

(August 1st, 2nd, 7th w LMT) - Copacabana

August 8th - Lazy Flamingo

August 9th, - Copacabana

(August 10th w LMT - Copacabana)

August 15th, 16th - Copacabana

August 23rd - Splittsville (Hamilton)

August 25th, 28th, 29th - Copacabana

September 5th - Lazy Flamingo

September 12th, 20th - Copacabana

October 3rd - Lazy Flamingo

November 1st - Lazy Flamingo

December 27th - Lazy Flamingo

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