Groove Trio

BrYan SorensEn


        Our residency at Coppals's has been extended. At 8'oclock every Wednesday night,  the 'Groove Trio will continue to bring hip-hop influenced grooves  to Coppola's (St Catharines).  

        2017 marks our fifth year of performing at Niagara's Copacabana!  Book your table:  Band, Dancers, DJ and great food.  It's all there...

        Furthermore, I'm proud to announce the release of our "Live at Btown Video Session".  Videos will be sequencially view click HERE.  

Performance Dates:

March 22nd - Coppola's

March 29th - Coppola's

April 5th - Coppola's

April  7th - Copacabana

April 12th, 19th - Coppola's

April 22nd - Copacabana

April 26th - Coppola's

May 16th - Spyce Lounge

June 20th - Spyce Lounge

July 14th - Spyce Lounge 

August 25th - Spyce Lounge

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