Groove Trio

BrYan SorensEn


        I'm proud to announce that the 2016 NMAs have nominated the BrYan SorensEn Groove Trio for 3 Awards: Original Group of the Year (for the song "Clarity"), Original Song of the Year (for the song "Jealous of Your Phone") and Adult Contemporary Song of the Year (for the song "Believe In Me").

         Furthermore, we have been asked to perform at this year's award ceremony! On behalf of the band, I'd like to thank our families, friends, the Copacabana crew and everyone that buys our music!

Performance Dates:

-Available Worldwide-

September 14th - Copacabana

September 23rd - Copacabana

September 24th - Mansion House

September 27th - Niagara Music Awards

October 15th- Copacabana

October 22nd - Copacabana

November 11th - Copacabana

November 18th - Coporate Function

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