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Performance Dates:


May 10th - 24 Steps Lounge (Becker/Tripe)


May 17th - Shore, Grill and Grotto [Port Credit, Mississauga] (Becker/Tripe)


May 20th - Spyce Lounge [7-11pm] (Becker/Tripe)


May 25th - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


May 27th - Spyce Lounge [7-11pm] (Becker/Tripe)


May 31st - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


June 7th - 24 Steps Lounge (Becker/Tripe)


June 15th (8pm - 11) - (Sherkston) Alcove Lounge


June 22nd - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


July 6th - Barrelhead [7-10pm] (Becker/Tripe)


July 20th - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


August 17th - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


August 23rd - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


August 24th, Barrelhead [7-10pm] (Becker/Tripe)


September 20 - "24 Steps Lounge" (Becker/Tripe)


September 21st - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


September 23rd (8pm-12) - Spyce Lounge (Becker/Tripe)


September 27th - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


October 2nd (8pm-12) - Spyce Lounge (Becker/Tripe)


October 4th - Doc Magilligan's (Becker/Tripe)


October 7th (8pm-12) - Spyce Lounge (Becker/Tripe)


October 11 - "24 Steps Lounge" (Becker/Tripe)


October 19th - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


October 21st (8pm-12) - Spyce Lounge (Becker/Tripe)


October 25th - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


October 31st (Halloween) - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


November 8th - "24 Steps Lounge" (Becker/Tripe)


November 16th - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


November 22nd - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


December 6th - Doc Magilligan's (Becker/Tripe)


December 20 - "24 Steps Lounge" (Becker/Tripe)


December 21st - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


December 27th - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)


December 31st - Lucky's (Becker/Tripe)














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